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Purposes and structures

The Universities Association for Continuing Education

UACE has well-established links with the Funding Councils, the Department for Education and Employment, the Scottish Office Industry and Education Department, and the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals, and is consulted regularly on CE issues. UACE has institutional representation on its Council from over 100 Higher Education Institutions in the United Kingdom. The Chair of UACE is a member of the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals: the current Chair is Professor Sir Graeme Davies, Principal of the University of Glasgow.

HEIs which are members of UACE are entitled to representation on Council, which meets four times a year. The Council elects UACE officers (three Vice-Chairs, Treasurer, Secretary and Editor) and an Executive Committee, which meets five times a year. UACE's professional activities are conducted through a series of Networks, with membership open to CE staff from any institution belonging to UACE. UACE organises a major conference each year as well as a variety of seminars and day workshops.

UACE (Scotland) and UACE (Cymru) have active committees and several regional groupings are developing in England.

The subscription in 1998-99 for UACE membership, payable annually, is:

For further information about UACE activities, please provide:

and return to the address below:

Dr. Michael Richardson
Secretary of UACE
University of Cambridge
Board of Continuing Education
Madingley Hall


Tel: 01954 280 279
Fax: 01954 280200

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